Rewarding Good Behavior

I might be a very strange female, but I loathe shopping. I hate the process of having to fight for parking, deal with traffic, deal with salespeople…but there’s one thing I will never hate shopping for and that is training gear!

As a form of self congratulations for a job well done on my self-paced olympic triathlon the other day, I’ve decided to begin the process of stocking up on my winter running garb. That’s right, I went shopping! I think I did quite well, given that there were definitely a few needs on my list:

My Splurge – Winter Running Essentials

1) Replacement running shoes (Brooks Vapor, my current go-to shoes)
2) New waterproof running shoes (Brooks Ghost GTX, trying them for the first time)
3) An iPhone Boost Case, so that I don’t lose battery power while tracking my runs >13+ miles
4) Replacement 24-pack of GU gels
5) 2 long sleeved running shirts (Nike Dri-Fit)
6) 1 long sleeved running base layer (Asics)
7) 6 pairs of replacement Saucony running socks (I’ve been using the same 6 pairs for a year and a half now…)
8) A Nike tee, for funsies

Chances are, I’ll be able to use a lot of these pieces for work too…hooray for layering in a casual office environment!

Also, a few weeks ago, I bought myself a little something to remind me of the journeys I’ve taken — once in Athens, Greece, and once in my hometown, Los Angeles. It will also be a journey I will be taking in a few months, again for Dress for Success.

My 26.2

It is the momentary splurges like these that reminds me how important it is to reward your own effort. The journey itself is the reward, but it never helps to have some swag to go along with it!

What type of things do you get for yourself when you reach a goal?

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