Yoga + Bike Goodies + Hotel Booked + Oh Yeah, Please Donate to my Fundraiser!

It seems like just yesterday I was crossing the half marathon finish line, and now we’re already at Thursday!

Finally, a somewhat decent finish line photo (at Sporty Diva’s Half Marathon in Chambers Bay)

I’m still relatively tense and stiff from the race and I’ve been meaning to get to the massage therapist’s office all week. I will most likely have to schedule it for the weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to incorporate yoga back into my routine. I used to practice regularly, alternating between spinning and yoga. It was a good balance between cardio and strength training, high intensity vs. meditative. I have a hot yoga Groupon that I have not yet used, but with my schedule so hectic with work I figured that there HAD to be an app that I could buy to tide me over…and lo and behold there was!

Introducing Pocket Yoga, the best app ever (second to RunKeeper). This downward dog totally kicks my butt.

I think it was a few dollars but it’s called Pocket Yoga. So far I have it set up on the floor with my mat, but I just realized that I could hook up my phone to the speaker system. What’s that, surround sound meditation music with a virtual yoga instructor?! Sign me up!

With no major triathlons on the horizon, I’d still like to get back into the pool and on the bike this weekend. I’m going to pack my swimming gear in case I get out of work at a decent hour tonight. My workout schedule has been a bit off-kilter because of my long hours. I also just found out that my next half marathon is a trail run (!!!!) so I will forego it since I haven’t done any trail running. I don’t even have trail running shoes. Thankfully I found someone to buy my ticket so it looks like, from here on out, all I have are Rock n Roll races. Awesome!

I also just remembered to buy some chain cleaner/lubricant, a mat, and a gel seat cover so hopefully I can log in some decent miles on the bike in the near future! Here are some of the goods I bought:

(I’m pretty sure about 90% of my disposable cash monies goes towards racing, or racing-related goodies!)

Last night, I also booked my hotel room for Rock n Roll Las Vegas. In a few weeks, I’ll get my tickets, but for now, I’m booked at Imperial Palace. I remember that there’s a ton of construction there but I also remember that Shant had a bit of Lady Luck on his side on our vacation!

I swear, I have no clue where I’d be if I didn’t have technology to help me on this journey.

Speaking of my journey, did you forget that I’m still raising money for Dress for Success?! It’s Thursday, and if you’re one day away from a weekend off from work you’re luckier than 10%+ of the population. Donate what you can and let’s get our women back to work.

Please please please donate to my Dress for Success fundraiser!

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