Catching Up With My Marathon Training

So I’ve written and trashed and rewritten this blog post a few times. It’s not even a tell-all or anything. I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things here!

I took about two weeks off from any serious marathon training and blogging to take care of some things at work. In that time I also put some more work into a few manuscripts that have been gathering dust, and I adopted a friend for my current feline companion, Dexter.

Coco, my newest (and last) addition

I have a series of races coming up — a half marathon at the end of this month (EEEK!!!) in LA (double EEEEK!!). I don’t think 13.1 miles is beyond my capabilities but I do remember that my times were pretty good this time last year. Now I’m feeling a bit sluggish. I totally blame my pizza-eating, tuna melt-craving coworkers. And myself, of course. Nutrition has always been my biggest downfall. I’m trying to make up for it by taking vitamins but I think it’ll take a lot more than that to get me in tip-top shape.

Rock ‘n Roll LA Half Marathon

So whatever happened to those krav maga classes, dance classes, yoga classes, and crossfit dreams I had? They seemed to have gone by the wayside after I opted to come in to work earlier and stay later at my bosses’ dismay. After sleeping about half of my weekend away — no really, I slept about 12 hours a day — I think it’s time to work on that work-life balance a little more.

With my marathon training, I know that most plans recommend that you run at least 4-5 days a week. I’m trying to stick to three — one short run, one fast run, and one long run a week. That was one of my takeaways from Kara Goucher’s book. I’m not sure if that’ll really improve my times at all. If anything it kind of just allows me to finish. I haven’t really decided on any triathlons next year since I’m trying to back off of my registration frenzy earlier this year and just want to finish out the races I’m currently in: half marathon in three weeks, half marathon at the beginning of December, and full marathon at the end of January.

Yes, I’m still running and fundraising for Dress for Success. You haven’t forgotten, right?

Please please please donate to my Dress for Success fundraiser!

Anyways, that’s where I’m currently at. What about you?

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