Out of Town Race Weekend!


I get to spend this weekend racing in the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in LA. My hometown! So excited to head back for a few days and soak up the sunshine. It’s in the high eighties, so thank goodness the race starts at 7:30am. Last year the course at RnRLA was incredible. It was very clear and the course takes you all around LA.

I haven’t been very good with staying on track this last week. Work is getting in the way a bit (leaving at 10pm will kind of do that to you) but this will be a nice reset button. After all, I have my full marathon in January and perhaps something even grander in the horizons. I really need to get a move on and get back on schedule if I want to sign up for anything next year!

Also, from last year’s race, I might’ve managed to have one of the cleanest post-race photos ever.

Rock n Roll LA 2011

How did I manage to look so clean? Maybe I didn’t work hard enough?

Big day at work, so I’ll have to keep this entry short. See you on the other side!

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