66 Days & $777 in Fundraising To Go Until My Next 26.2

Okay, so I’ve stayed off my feet and tried to relax a bit at work. With only two weeks until my next half marathon and only 66 days until my next full marathon, I want to focus and get my energy levels back.

That said, I actually haven’t made it out the door for my long run. I struggled with my six-miler on Monday and only made it to Lake Union Park before turning around. I was feeling much more run down than usual so I decided to cut things short and just head back home. It was colder than usual out…

I’m slowly learning how to dress for cold weather…

So here I am, having been off my feet yesterday and today. (I biked on the trainer today so hopefully that counts.) I was hoping to make it to the pool tonight but alas the sirens of design sang and I heeded their call, after an afternoon of continued procrastination on an on-going project. (I had to mend that issue tonight, so I stayed a bit late.)

That said, perhaps I can aim for a short 5K tomorrow morning, a 10K on Friday morning, and my long run (15 miles) on Saturday morning. Hopefully this time I don’t push it off until it’s too late. I loaded up my iPod shuffle with some new music. Maybe I should add some more preemptively so that I don’t give myself any excuses. Running along the Burke-Gilman trail is pretty safe on weekends since it’s a dedicated pedestrian/bike path and it cuts through a few towns.

To register or not to register…that is the question. Is it worth waiting another 12 months?!

So I went on a registration extravaganza since I have my TourPass now. I’ve signed up for Rock n Roll Pasadena (half), San Francisco (half), Portland (half), Seattle (full), Montreal (full), Providence (half), Denver (half), LA (half), and Las Vegas (half) for next year. That’s a hell of a lot of races and not a lot of time for triathlons. Maybe I can squeeze in a few sprint tris during the summer! It’d be nice to run a few races in Seattle. I know that IM 70.3 Lake Stevens is in June or so but I won’t be ready by then if my focus is on all of these Rock ‘n Roll races…unless of course, I can duplicate my efforts. Seems risky and I’m not sure if my body can handle it.

Anywho, with 66 days to go and $777 left to fundraise, I absolutely need your help! If you’re thankful for something, like having a job that you get to complain about, you should *definitely* donate to my fundraiser. Some women are not nearly as lucky as you!

Please please please donate to my Dress for Success fundraiser!

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