First Week of 70.3 Base Training

First week of 70.3 base training, smack dab in the middle of a vacation week, was a success!

Training started on November 19th and currently goes 6 days a week. The only day off I really get is Friday and I will probably eventually take it. For now I’m rearranging some of my workouts around. What I really like about this plan is that I get to incorporate strength training, rather than just focusing on cardio.

Monday, November 19th: Headed over to the Victorville Active 24 Hour Fitness near my parents house. It’s the gym I signed up with when I got my lifetime membership, so it was cool to be back and not feel like I was starting at square one again. (Believe me, I’ve had that feeling too many times in a row.) I had a quick warmup run on the treadmill and continued with my strength training. I’m still trying to remember the sets, but I guess if I do it enough I will memorize it. There was a dude in the small gym that kept giving his O-face and grunting a ton while lifting weights that were way too heavy for him. It was awkward. I kept wanting to correct his form but I didn’t want to talk to him either.

Tuesday, November 20th: I headed over to the Apple Valley Super-Sport 24 Hour Fitness near my parents house. It’s a new gym that just opened up and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! The entire facility still looks new and the pool looked fantastic. The minute I jumped in I felt so warm and cozy because it was so well heated! (A luxury I don’t quite get at my usual gym.) I had a 45-minute set planned and it was the longest swim I’ve had in awhile. Thought about picking up some swimming classes to work on my stroke and learn how to flip-turn. Also thought about joining a local masters swim group.

Wednesday, November 21st: Headed back over to the Victorville Active 24 Hour Fitness for my workout. Started off with a 30-minute run. I went a bit further so that I could round up to an even 5K on the treadmill. I feel like I’ve strayed a bit from my 26.2 training (more on that later) but was mainly thinking about the 13.1 in Vegas this coming weekend. Oy vey. Followed up my run with another 50 minute strength training session. Felt some lingering pain in my lower back from traveling in a plane and in a Jeep, and a slight twinge in my shoulder. Perhaps my form is off.

Thursday, November 22nd: Headed back to visit the boyfriend for Thanksgiving and our anniversary. Started the day off at the Northridge Super-Sport 24 Hour Fitness. Another very nice and clean facility. The pool was nice and empty since I went super early in the morning. I completed a 45-minute swim and could feel that the strength training was helping with my form. Followed it up with a half hour on the bike trainer. I kept having to dodge this dude who kept trying to strike up a conversation with me a few bikes away. I’m here for a workout, not to socialize! After biking I headed back to my boyfriend’s place to pick him up so that we could join a few friends on a Turkey Day hike up Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. It was a very nice day out.

Friday, November 23rd: Headed back to the Northridge Super-Sport 24 Hour Fitness so that my boyfriend could take advantage of the free community days. It was a crowded day at the pool so I took advantage of it. I focused solely on my freestyle stroke (no backstroke here!) and tried to get comfortable with people playing splash all around me. What was frustrating was that it was a 2-lane pool and suddenly, noodlers started appearing three-across in my lane. And they looked incredulous as I swam past them underneath the water. Is it really that surprising that someone would swim at a pool? I followed my swim up with a quick 10-minute ride on the bike. This was technically my off day and I already felt great about my swim.

Saturday, November 24th: Shant and I fell asleep really early the night before and woke up at around 3:30am with nothing to really do. By 5 or so we decided to hit up the Santa Barbara Sport 24 Hour Fitness. It was great getting a workout in on my vacation’s vacation. All I had on tap was a 45-minute run, so I decided on some random hill intervals to work on my glutes.

Sunday, November 25th: Prior to wine tasting in Solvang, we wanted to get one last workout in. We headed back to the Santa Barbara 24 and I got an hour in on the bike. I rode for 17 miles, which was awesome! Felt great, albeit a bit clunky on their big bike.

Now all I have to do is prep for my half marathon on Sunday. I’ll have to rearrange some of my base training around that and find a nearby 24 Hour Fitness to complete my workouts at. And I’ll definitely have to visit my favorite massage therapist while I’m in town. Chances are I’ll probably carboload at a buffet or something. Cannot wait!!

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