Week 10 Base Training: It Didn’t Happen

After coming back from my race on Sunday night, I slept in until about 9am and then headed to work. I started feeling sick at around 12 or so, and my condition gradually worsened until 5:30pm. I headed out with some friends to grab pho — oh, medicinal pho. and then grabbed a cab home.

I fell asleep on Monday night and apparently woke up on Saturday morning, because everything in between was a complete haze. I’m behind on my work (and training!) so this next week I will be easing back in to everything. Still eating vegetarian. I guess that’s one thing I accomplished this week. I’m down to 144lbs from 154lbs in November at the beginning of base training, so I guess that’s accomplishment #2. (I think I’m about 10-12 more pounds away from my race weight.)

I guess when you go hard for nine weeks straight, your body is bound to flip you the bird sooner or later. So I guess that was 4 extra rest days I was able to rack up? It felt like foooorrreeevvveeerrr. So excited to get back into the pool with my team tomorrow.

In other news, I registered for IM Louisville! (I will probably skip the full iron-distance HITS Marble Falls, or maybe race the 70.3 instead.)

Ironman Louisville 2013!


Things I accomplished:
1) Officially down 10 lbs from beginning of base training. 10-12 to go.
2) Continued eating vegetarian, despite being sick and cranky as hell.
3) Hydrated plenty.
4) Slept plenty.

Things I need to do:
1) Need to tinker with my training schedule.
2) Need to find some sprint, olympic, and half races to help me tune up.
3) Need to check out free 16-week training plans at the end of February, so maybe I can add a few more base weeks in before the going gets tough. I still like the idea of using my 13-week training plan though.
4) Need to start a different pool of money for triathlon stuff.
5) Need to get to training with my team again.

The one thing I learned this week: 
1) You can’t cheat recovery days.

(Yay! Shortest blog post ever!)

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