My Hammy Isn’t Happy

So yesterday, I decided to make up a strength training session in advance, because I knew I was going to miss my Tuesday morning class. I was introduced to something new, and in the process of doing this move, I think I might’ve MINORly pulled my hamstring. Walking to and from work wasn’t an issue, but sitting at my desk was…as was climbing the three stairs to get to my front door.


It hurts when I pull my hamstring!

I still have to make up the sessions, and I certainly don’t want to overexert or make the situation worse. I have a lot of running and biking this week, so I will look to using the elliptical if I can do it pain free. As for biking, that may prove to be challenging, but perhaps a recumbent bike will be a good substitute in the meantime.

So far I’ve been icing and resting. I even loaded up on my protein shake and quinoa. No training today, and today was supposed to be a brick day! I felt like I had all this extra time in my day. Is this what it’s like to NOT train for an Ironman?! I even thought that I was procrastinating throughout the day since I had a mid-day run planned…but the more I sat at my desk, the more the pain surfaced. The pain is mostly behind the fleshy part of the inside of my knee, so I’m guessing that since I still have full mobility that it was a mild strain.

I wanted to get a massage but I’m kind of terrified that the therapist I could end up seeing may not know how to handle the injury. If it is a mild strain, there are a few things that can be done: light Swedish, lymphatic, some deeper massage for the stabilizer muscles around the area. Maybe I’ll book some time with my massage therapist at my chiro’s office in the next day or two.

In the meantime, I’m going to catch up on some audiobooks and other training reading and researching in general. I’ll also readjust my training plan this week…either catch-up sessions or a lighter week overall. I’ve read in a few forums and training books that a lot of people who undertake Ironman training tend to skip out on strength training, for the sake of preventing injuries. I don’t necessarily think that it’s the best course of action for me, since I have a lot of work to do, but I may have to consider being more careful during my training to not do anything weird or out of the ordinary. My last issue with my shoulder subluxation and now my hamstring were all caused by improper form.

Welp…I’m off to RICE RICE RICE. The carb-free kind!

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