Week 3 Ironman Louisville Training: Hope is Not a Strategy

This week was a great week. I’m coming off a high of a pretty awesome training week. I really feel like things are coming together. It’s not easy but I’m seeing progress (despite setbacks here and there). I spent some time combing through my training plan this week, doing research on the swim/bike/run route in Louisville. There’s still a lot of things to look over and study but I think I have a rough idea as to what I’m coming up against.

Hope is not a strategy – Luck is not a factor – Fear is not an option

I need to definitely work on performance consistency in the pool, getting in some endurance while still maintaining focus on form. I need to get lots more miles on the bike and as the weather clears up, I think I will have more opportunities to do some outdoor riding. I think indoor riding will save me in terms of hill/endurance/speed training this season, so I’m looking forward to more funsies with the plethora of indoor bikes at 24…and maybe taking a cycling class regularly. (I’ll have to work that in to my schedule!)

I finally hit the “Buy now” button on my cycling purchase: got some new pedals, new shoes, some jerseys and a new pair of cycling shorts. It should tide me over until I can get to a local bike shop to try on some saddles. I had one objective this weekend outside of training and that was to put my bike pedals on…I haven’t done it yet, and since I’ve done my nails already I don’t foresee myself doing it anytime tonight. Maybe tomorrow, after swim…

Got the shoes, got the pedals…

I was thinking that I could treat myself with a session of bikram yoga for a week well done. I was thinking I could try to make it tomorrow!

Today, I worked out my tri race season…found an olympic distance race in June and it looks like I’ll be doing the 70.3 Lake Stevens after all. Coach said that it should be an “easy” race and should get me ready for the full distance in August. I think I’ll push the olympic but go easy on my 70.3 since it’s only a month out from my A race and I don’t want to do anything stupid (like break all of my bones and pull every muscle in my body).

Week 3 Ironman Louisville Training:

13.4 hours training; Swim: 7656 yards; Bike: 77.61 miles; Run: 10.56 miles; Walk: 4.2 miles; Total mileage: 96.72 miles.

Monday, March 11: Runners conditioning class. I do some weird long jump over huge tires and land funny and pull my hamstring. I follow up this class with a 1-hour(1320 yards) swim class.

Tuesday, March 12: Walked to and from work. Took the day off from training completely because my left hamstring was hurting a lot when I put weight on it. Sat at home on an edamame bag and spent most of the evening catching up with reading.

Wednesday, March 13: I head in early morning to the gym. After my evening research about hamstring injuries, I find that using the elliptical can help me isolate some muscle groups. I use the elliptical to get in my mileage/time without bothering my hamstring. I run into my coach and ask if biking is okay; turns out that it is, so long that I ride easy and flat. I head home to grab an hour of training (I cut a half hour off) and keep it easy. After my chiro appointment in the afternoon I’m able to book a massage appointment for the next evening.

Thursday, March 14: After falling asleep really early on Wednesday night, I head to the pool at 5ish for a swim. I use a foam dumbbell to keep myself from kicking (therefore sparing my hamstrings again) and focus on mileage and my freestyle stroke. I swim for an hour and 20 minutes for 1.2 miles. I follow it up with an hour and a half on the bike before I jet to work with my car. That evening I get my massage and VOILA! My hamstring is back to normal. It was a sweet, sweet pain type of massage, but the work was so great that I felt good as new after walking out of the office. Huzzah!

Friday, March 15: I rejoin my tri team in the morning for agility training. Headed home and walked to work after breakfast. I head to the gym after work — despite my desire to do so — to knock out 45 minutes on the elliptical because my workout plan said so.

Saturday, March 16: This was one loooooong day. 1 hour in the pool (1.2 miles) + 2 hours on the recumbent bike (26.11 miles) + 45 minute run on the elliptical (3.5 miles). I got home at around 4 pm (I spent about 1 hour just chatting with my coach) and proceeded to eat and nap for the majority of my day.

Sunday, March 17: 1 hour 15 minutes in the pool (1.2 miles) and 50 minutes on the elliptical (4.1 miles).

I really look forward to running (on something that’s not an elliptical) next week!! I think laying off my hamstrings were a good idea and since they are not bothering me now, I should be good to pick up where I left off.

Feeling grateful for being able to rebound from an injury quickly. Work is uber stressful these days and balancing my training with it has been a challenge. Regardless…relentless forward progress!

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