Week 9+10 Ironman Louisville Training: Give Up Giving Up

Week 7+8+9 were especially hard but I think in week 10 I’ve pulled through the slump I found myself in. The slump included some insecurity, mixed with a dash of sadness and depression, had some trauma flashbacks. These were the weeks that made me question a lot of my intentions. A lot of it had to do with some cataclysmic events in my personal life, some had to do with the whole Boston bombings thing going on, but one thing is for sure — it was all in my head. In week 10 I think I pulled out of it and that I now have my head back in the game.

I came really close to just giving it all up. At week 9, things seemed incredibly bleak. Being on light training for three weeks is a big deal. My endurance was down, my power was down. Everything seemed more difficult. But with 17 weeks to go from week 9 it seemed difficult, but not absolutely insurmountable.

Honestly, I’d rather take a DNF (did not finish) than a DNS (did not start). I’d rather take a 16:59:59 finish time than inevitably drowning myself in cheese, wine, ice cream, and sorrow on August 25th because I gave up on myself. My doctors and coach are keeping me in tip top shape. My boyfriend and friends are incredibly supportive. If they haven’t given up on me yet, why should I?

We will give up giving up – We will make it count

Some things I learned to be true:

1) If I don’t train in the morning, it won’t happen.
2) If I don’t train I feel like crap.
3) If I don’t make up my training, I feel really guilty.
4) If I don’t train first thing on Saturday and Sunday morning, say goodbye to my long rides and runs and eventually, Ironman.
5) When people start introducing you as “the girl who is training for an Ironman” it increases the pressure to actually finish this damn thing.
6) Training for the Ironman isn’t a solitary endeavor. It requires massive coordination with everyone in my life. That includes my friends, significant other, family, work, coach, cats. It’s like we’re all going through it together.
7) Getting derailed from your training schedule sucks. What sucks even more is the stupid things you do to get yourself in that rut to begin with.

Let’s do this thing.

Week 9 Ironman Louisville training:

5.5 hours of training; Swim: 1936 yards; Bike: 13.41 miles; Run: 6.61 miles. Still in recovery mode. (And I’m slightly down too.)

Monday, April 15: 1 hour swim cut down to 35 minutes. Panting in the pool is no fun.

Tuesday, April 16: 30-minute run before my tri team training session in the morning. Headed home for a 30-minute bike session.

Wednesday, April 17: Rest day. Work has me going nutty!

Thursday, April 18: Ended up skipping swim this day too. Spirits are low.

Friday, April 19: 30-minute run before my tri team training session in the morning. Headed home for a 30-minute bike session.

Saturday, April 20: Skipped my long ride. I don’t remember why I skipped it. I think my excuse was that I woke up too late so I wanted to tackle it on Sunday.

Sunday, April 21: 40 minute swim followed by a 45 minute run.

Week 10 Ironman Louisville training: 

15.7 hours of training; Swim: 5280 yards; Bike: 119.21 miles; Run: 11.83 miles for a total of 134 miles.

Monday, April 22: 40 minute swim followed by a 30 minute ride.

Tuesday, April 23: 30 minute run followed by a 50 minute tri team strength training session.

Wednesday, April 24: An hour on the bike at home, followed up with a 1-hour run to Gas Works Park and back. It was my first time on my feet outdoors. Felt great and took it incredibly slow.

Thursday, April 25: Headed to the gym super early for an early morning swim. Came back home (free parking runs out, you know?) and rode on my trainer for another hour and a half watching funny YouTube videos with my boyfriend. Followed up that evening with another swim (for a full 2.4 miles that day).

Friday, April 26: 20 minute run followed up with a 50 minute tri team strength training session. Followed it up with a half hour on the bike.

Saturday, April 27: An hour ride on the bike trainer. So now my bike is completely killing me. I get off really pouty and annoyed because I’m so sore, and I end up heading over to a few local bike shops. I think I found a good one but I want to check out one more store before I make the leap.

Sunday, April 28: 3.5 hour stationary bike ride (56 miles!!) and a 1 hour run on the treadmill.

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