Week 11 + 12 Ironman Louisville Training: It All Sounds Like Crazy Talk

The tumultuous journey is practically half over. 12 weeks out of a 24 week plan?! I don’t feel half ready!! This post wraps up the last two weeks a bit early — I still have two more workouts tomorrow — but I’ll be heading out for my flight at 5am and I need to catch up here before I get too far behind.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Make it burn.

And yes, those workouts are supposed to be done and wrapped by 5am. I almost wonder if they are worth doing! I haven’t even packed yet. I should be in bed by now because if I’m asleep by 10pm then getting up at 2am would mean just 4 hours of sleep. It all sounds like crazy talk…

In between squeezing in an inhuman amount of training hours into my jam-packed weeks, I’m still wrestling with olympic tri vs. half tri for my tuneup race(s). If I do a half, the recovery time will be looooooong. It may impede with my ability to continue training for at least the week afterwards. An olympic tri means that I could bounce back pretty quickly. Plus, olympic tris are significantly cheaper…about a quarter of what it costs to race ONE half tri. Oy vey I’m so torn. There’s an olympic tri at the end of the month — the Onion Man Triathlon — and it’s right over Memorial Day weekend. I could take a road trip! What’s stopping me is the hotel fees…I’ve spent so much this month on my new bike, and a few other things that have cropped up, that I’m not sure if I should spend the cash. I could always hold out for the Lake Wilderness Tri in the middle of June, and then Seafair at the end of July. I really just want to maximize my race schedule, my budget, by willpower…I think racing will help me get back into the swing of racing. It’ll help light a fire under my butt to get even more serious about Louisville because yeah, it’s only 12 weeks away. HOLY CRAP IT’S ONLY TWELVE WEEKS AWAY.

Anywho, the mileage has been increasing. The time on my feet has increased too. My bad ankle is slowly taking a pounding again. My time seems to be disappearing into some sort of black hole and I can’t seem to string together any coherent sentences anymore for my blog so here’s what I did for the last two weeks. It seemed like the bigger challenge was just getting these workouts on my calendar, not necessarily the workouts themselves. Hey maybe I’m slacking. Anywho, too much thinking and not enough sleeping at this point. Toodles.

Monday, April 29: half hour swim

Tuesday, April 30: hour and a half on the bike

Wednesday, May 1: rest day

Thursday, May 2: 1-hour swim, 1:20 on the bike

Friday, May 3: 1-hour run, 45-minute tri team strength training

Saturday, May 4: 40-minute swim, 1 hour 10 minute run

Sunday, May 5: 2-hour bike ride, 1-hour run

Monday, May 6: 1 hour 15 minute swim, 40 minute run

Tuesday, May 7: 1 hour 10 minute ride, 45 minute strength training

Wednesday, May 8: 1 hour 30 minute swim, 1 hour 15 minute run

Thursday, May 9: 1 hour 20 minute swim, 1 hour 30 minute ride, 50 minute run

Friday, May 10: 45 minute run, 45 minute strength training session, 2 hour 30 minute ride

Saturday, May 11 (tomorrow): 2 hour 30 minute ride, 20 minute run

Sunday, May 12: rest day

I’ll still be training on vacation…more posts later.

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