Week 15 Ironman Louisville Training: Short Week!

A short week calls for a short blog post.

There wasn’t a single lone workout at all this week. It was a fairly short week, since I stacked my workouts for the last two weeks in order to get a few days off consecutively. On the very last day of my training week, Friday, I ended up having really bad stomach issues and even had to quit out of my strength training session with my trainer. (That’s how you know it’s baaaaaad.) Taking the weekend off was nice though. Got to see my boyfriend again, went camping, driving, wine tasting, checked out an archaeological site, went kayaking, and just relaxed. Not typical of a Ironman training week but I’ve got plenty of long training weeks ahead of me, not to mention a wisdom teeth surgery in a few weeks.

Week 15 Ironman Louisville Training: 11.4 hours; Swim: 5954 yards; Bike: 63.75 miles; Run: 10.97 miles.

Monday, May 27: Happy Memorial Day! I celebrated with a mini triathlon of sorts. 1.2 mile swim / 30 mile stationary cycle / 2.35 run

Tuesday, May 28: Strength training / 1.2 mile swim / 22.5 mile stationary cycle

Wednesday, May 29: 5.43 mile run / 0.5 mile open water swim. Still a bit scared of the open water but I think I’m relaxing a bit.

Thursday, May 30: 11.25 mile stationary cycle / 0.5 mile swimming / 3.12 mile run

Friday, May 31: Rest day!

Saturday, June 1: Thought I’d get a rest day but we squeezed in 2.5 hours kayaking. It is harder than it looks!

Sunday, June 2: Rest day!

I’m halfway though week 16 and well, it’s going to HURT.

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