Week 17 + 18 Ironman Louisville Training: Surgery + Post-Op Recovery

This post will be relatively short since I spent week 17 in massive amounts of pain and eventually surgery. I spent week 18 recovering from my surgery, considering my racing/training options, hopped up on pain medications, handling personal family issues, and mentally prepping for a half-marathon since I couldn’t actually physically train. So, even though I didn’t really train, I sure got a lot done.

Strive for progress, not perfection

At the end of week 18 I came to a number of conclusions:

1) Running a half marathon is easier than walking a half marathon
2) Being scared of finishing last is an irrational fear
3) There’s no such thing as resting during post-op. You’re in pain and it feels like work anyways.
4) I miss solid food.
5) I still have a fighting chance for Ironman Louisville if I play my cards right.
6) Reading about training is no match for actually training.
7) Don’t say you feel great when you actually feel lousy.
8) I should strive for progress, not perfection

So, although I don’t have anything exciting to offer in this particular post, I’d have to say that I am convinced of my hairbrained ideas more than ever…meaning that I’m still registered for 7 more Rock ‘n Roll events this year, along with Ironman Louisville in August and a 140.6 or 70.3 in December depending on my performance at Louisville.

I’ve modified my plan by scrapping the original beginners plan provided by the Ironman Louisville sponsor. I applied my old 13 week minimalist training plan that I originally bought to my calendar and it seems a bit more manageable, given the reduced timeline that I have to prep for the race. I have 12 hours next week and 8 hours next week (a bit reduced since I am getting back into the swing of things), and then things ramp up a bit until race week: 16, 8, 12, 14, 15, 8, and then race week. Isn’t that crazy?! Only 9 more weeks? EEEEK. I’m really trying to stand by my credo that it is better to DNS than DNF. I mentioned that when I was originally recovering from my sprained ankle in some of my early training weeks. I remember how disappointed I felt when I missed my 70.3 last November — yes, a new job and incredible work deadlines got in the way of my training, and so did my upper wisdom teeth surgery, but there’s no reason why it has to be the same story again this time around. I’ve done my base training. I’ve been incredibly disciplined. I’ve got the basics down and now I need to work on consistency and endurance and break down some of my mental blocks. My boyfriend thus far has had the most faith in my training and my ability to get back on my feet after my sprained ankle and jaw surgery, and I think that’s what gives me the most conviction. My half marathon over the weekend gave me a new perspective as well, but I’ll save that for the race recap.

In the meantime, here’s what I have to work on this week. My goal is to make an honest effort to arrive at all of my training sessions well rested and to put in the exact amount of time on my feet that I have planned. This is my first week back and I need to make it count! If my teeth are giving me problems then I will rearrange my schedule and take my medication.

Monday – rest
Tuesday – Swim 1 hour, bike 1 hour, train with the team for 45 minutes
Wednesday – Swim 1 hour, run 45 minutes
Thursday – rest
Friday – Run 2:15, train with the team for 45 minutes (still not sure when to get my long run in…)
Saturday – Self-administered fitness test: Swim 1:15, bike 3 hours, run 30 minutes.
Sunday – rest

Here we go!

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