Move Over Louisville…I’m heading to Palm Springs for my 140.6

So there’s been a lot of developments lately in my personal life, some of it good and some of it bad.

For many reasons — I didn’t have enough base training/fitness in the bank…because I was out for a week with a dislocated shoulder, and then was out again for another week and a half with a sprained ankle, and then again for another two weeks because of my wisdom teeth surgery, and then for another week and a half because my mom went missing — I am dropping out of Ironman Louisville.

Just like that. 6 weeks out of a 24 week training plan, gone. Not only is it the emotional stress as of late but part of it was physically too.

I wear my DNS badge with honor knowing that I did everything I could to get ready for this race. I gave up a lot of weekends, a lot of time with my loved ones, made sacrifices and even cut sleep to get my training in at wacky hours. Training for Louisville has given me a lot of perspective, lessons, and even friends that I will carry over into the rest of my training. In training for Louisville I learned a lot about myself, got over my fear of open water swimming, fell for the first (few) times off my bike, and ventured to new places alone.

I spent most of Saturday sulking and being annoyed with everything. Yes, it sucks that I’m dropping out even though I’ve been training diligently since last November. Thankfully I got over it pretty quickly and carried positive energy over to my first olympic distance race on Sunday. I’ve already began making my rounds and telling my support group (friends mostly) about my withdrawal from the race, with a promise to take a stab again at the big 1-4-0-point-6 in the near future.

In fact, I already had a backup race. This girl always has a backup plan. And a backup of a backup. (You should know that by now!)

HITS Palm Springs 2013, I’m coming for you!

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