Week 1 HITS Palm Springs 140.6 Training: Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

With Ironman Louisville in my hypothetical rear-view mirror, I plodded along and laid down the plans for my new backup race in Palm Springs. This morning I thought about the last four weeks and how I’d been off my feet for three of them. This morning I didn’t feel any worse off having taken time off for my surgery or my family emergency. If anything, I think I came back stronger and more focused.

In celebration for…well, nothing in particular, I finally put up my medal rack. Well, I take that back. My boyfriend helped me hang it in my apartment. I figured that since I’m going to live here for at least another year I can dress up my pretty sparsely decorated apartment. It was a beautiful sign I ordered last year from York Sign Shop on Etsy. I will probably order another one soon for my upcoming bling.

All of my race bling!

My first week back at training was tougher than expected. I went a bit off schedule since my training group switched up our days so I ended up training 8 days in a row. Hopefully I can stay on track for the remainder of my weeks. 🙂

Week 1 HITS Palm Springs 140.6 Training:
11.6 hours of training
Swim: 5855.97 yards
Bike: 54.55 miles
Run: 4.05 miles

Monday, August 5: An hour and 20 minutes in the pool with two different coaches. Lois (my open water swim coach) met me at my gym pool in Seattle. After my session ended I still had some energy so I stayed for another session with my tri team with my usual coach. A fun way to spend an evening.

Tuesday, August 6: Swim with the group in the morning, followed by team strength training.

Wednesday, August 7: Indoor ride followed by a run.

Thursday, August 8: Indoor ride followed by a very short outdoor run.

Friday, August 9: Early morning swim (no team this time) followed by a grueling strength training session.

Saturday, August 10: Impromptu team swim

Sunday, August 11: First ride since Seafair. 26 miles or so with one of my teammates. (Two people bailed) It was a really fun ride, a bit hillier than what I am used to. If I can get strong on this route I think I will be good to go for HITS Palm Springs. Maybe do 4 loops of this for my 100-mile training ride and make stops at the Leschi Starbucks on each loop 🙂

At the behest of my teammate I have signed up for personal coaching through CycleU for some instructional 1:1 time on the bike. I definitely need it (and I need to be able to keep up with my teammates!).

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