HITS 140.6 Palm Springs: Racing for a Cause

So, after much deliberation, I finally narrowed down my fundraiser to three charities. Well, technically I couldn’t decide between three charities, so I’ve decided to fundraise for all three of them:

My HITS 140.6 Charity Fundraiser

I’ve decided to dedicate portions of my iron-distance triathlon to these causes: swimming 2.4 miles for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, cycling 112 miles for Best Friends Animal Society, and running 26.2 miles for Children International.

Why fundraise for the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network? Those of you who know me very well know my story. Those who don’t…don’t. I’ve survived all three things listed in the name of that organization and really turned my life around in my mid-twenties. This organization has both indirectly and directly helped me put my life back together when things got very rough. Sexual abuse in all of its forms is a crime against humanity and no person who walks this Earth should ever have to suffer the way I had to. This organization provides support, counseling, information, and lobbying to keep people safe, and predators behind bars.

Why fundraise for Best Friends Animal Society? They do some pretty fabulous animal rescue work around the country and have led an initiative to end animal homelessness. In addition to running a number of sanctuaries in my hometown, they work on policy reform that positively effects animals across the country. Not to mention, one of my closest friends hooked me up with one of my best friends from the sanctuary as well. His feline presence is priceless! :3

Why fundraise for Children International? Thanks to my hardworking parents, I never knew what it was like to grow up in extreme poverty. However, my mom was privy to that lifestyle because she was orphaned at a very young age. I sponsor two girls from this organization — one in the US and one in Africa. I participate in the monthly sponsorship mostly as a tribute to my mother. She fought hard to stay on the good side of society, learn a trade, and to survive. The children in this program receive essential medical and dental care, have access to a community learning center that is safe and out of harm’s way, and are connected to sponsors and mentors within the community to help drive their potential.

So, over the next 99 days, I will be swimming, cycling, and running to raise money for these organizations. I hope you will join me on my journey and contribute what you can. It would mean the world to me and give me a bit of mojo to push through training and even get to the finish line.

Oh, and there will be giveaways and prizes. SO MANY PRIZES 🙂

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