Revising my plans

I’ve started and edited and trashed this blog article a few times over the last few weeks, mostly because I thought that I could course-correct.

After about 6 weeks of trying to get my 70.3 training in, it looks as though I will have to forgo the race after all. The training plan is 13 weeks long, and I had hit snags three weeks in.  My numbers were all over the place…100% completion, 90%, 20%, 10%, 50%, and I lost count during the last few weeks since I attempted to switch plans to be flexible.

There were a few reasons for this:

  1. Rearranging my life for my training, rather than having the time for my training. There is indeed a difference.
  2. Having such limited windows for the in-person preparation. There are technical skills required for triathlon (such as open water swimming, outdoor cycling) that are needed that cannot be picked up with indoor training. I need to be able to allot time for that and the guilt of not doing so was eating me alive.
  3. There were frequent interruptions to my home life during my long training weekends that required me to be out of the house.
  4. I traveled for one week away from home, and was unable to put in the training time due to other family commitments.
  5. My manic-depressive cycles have been making it nearly impossible for me to self-motivate. Unless someone or something depends on me to do a thing, I generally just seem to sit there with an endless list of errands and wishes but no drive to complete them.
  6. The heat (and combined lack of central AC at home) is very, very oppressive!

I have a lot of running races on my calendar between now and next June (half and full marathons). I have been eyeing a sprint triathlon at the end of summer (Desert’s Edge sprint tri) as a more manageable goal. I’m not sure if I still want to spend the money on another registration or if I should just shrug it off and try again next year. Because of the location, I’ll also need a hotel. Maybe I should flip a coin!

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