Week 1 Desert’s Edge Tri Training Recap: Stay Stubborn On the Vision

After a few false starts with my 70.3 base training and 13-week race training plan, I decided to scrap it for something more manageable. During my bad weeks, I was swinging around 3-5 hours comfortably, so I decided on a sprint triathlon plan that I already owned in Training Peaks. This would give me some flexibility to push my pace on the bike and swim portions, while allowing me to readjust the running distances for my marathon in December in Honolulu.

This week has been a bit emotionally difficult due to some personal issues, which in turn affected my training in the early part of my week. I ended up stacking my training all during the weekend, which ended up exhausting me completely today! Thankfully I had my weekend to myself (my husband was out of town running Rock n Roll Chicago) so I was able to get in some focused brick workouts. Well, I guess they were more like mini-triathlons rather than brick workouts.

Wednesday, July 18: 35 minute run. I ended up run/walking this on the treadmill because I really lacked the energy and concentration to focus on a run.

Thursday, July 19: 1 hour run. I ran for a bit but eventually just walked. I usually run a 5K in 45 minutes, but as you can see it took me almost the whole hour. I was emotionally drained, so this was about the best that I could do. I signed up for a secondary gym membership when I thought I would be training for a 70.3 more regularly. I wonder if I should cancel that now. Anyways, the run was very taxing so I alternated with some walking when I needed to.

Saturday, July 21: 40 minute ride, 30 minute walk, 30 minute swim. This was a difficult one. It took me a very long time to motivate myself out of my house. I think it was maybe 12 or 1 by the time I got to the gym. I had made at least 4 slices of toast and had napped twice before I left. Since my goal was to get all of these workouts squeezed into one session, I had to ride the stationary bike at the gym rather than my own bike on the trainer. That would allow me to switch to the treadmill. I still wasn’t quite ready for a run, but a walk felt nice. I also got to watch one episode of the Simpsons! 🙂 After that I hopped into the pool, which felt great. I took it slow and enjoyed getting a feel for the water. I had the whole pool to myself.

Sunday: 45 minute ride, 15 minute run, 40 minute swim. I got up early and had some coffee and toast. My mom and I video chatted for a bit about her upcoming swim classes, her new swim gear, and she even learned how to put on her swim cap for the first time! It was exciting. I headed to the gym afterwards very excited to get in my time. I caught up on Facebook on the bike, and fueled well enough to sprint on the treadmill. Afterwards, I showered and washed my hair and got to the pool. It was a full house…two swimmers in a two-lane pool! I split the lane with another swimmer who looked like she could swim laps around everyone. I don’t know how long she had been swimming that day, but she finished about 5 minutes before I did (and I had a 40 minute swim). There was also an older gentleman who was aqua-walking the other lane with a swimmer. Seemed nice!

I listen to the Crushing Iron podcast, and in one of their recent episodes they speak about how it’s important to set yourself up for some modicum of success. That seems pretty obvious, right? You can be stubborn on the vision, but flexible on the execution. In this case, I want to get to a race start someone in the next few months…I can be stubborn on that vision, but I can be flexible whether or not it’s a 70.3 or a sprint, and I can be a little kinder to myself about the hours I try to squeeze into my schedule. But I think one of the main goals I should have is not to stack all of my weekly workouts for the weekend, because that’s just bonkers (and asking for injury!). Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.

This coming weekend, I am striving to join the Boulders Aquatic Masters group for a beginners’ open water swim lesson. If they aren’t available, then I plan on at least driving to the Boulder Reservoir to practice putting on my wetsuit and playing splash in the shallow end. I hope the wetsuit still fits and I hope there’s a shallow end!

This week’s mantra:

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