Race Recap: Louisiana Half Marathon 2019

This race recap was a long time coming! My schedule has been completely swamped and I haven’t had the time to update my blog. But, better late than never.

The Louisiana Marathon and half were incredible. You MUST MUST MUST do this race if you are looking to complete the 50 states challenge. The people were incredibly friendly. The course was gorgeous…not a dull sight to be seen. The food was also absolutely amazing. With your race registration you get about 5-6 mini meal tickets. At first I thought they were just tasting tickets, where you get hors d’oeuvres. However, they turned out to be pretty substantial servings once you added them up. If you stick to the veggie, vegan, and shrimp options, your tickets will certainly go a long way.

The weather was fairly cold. I consistently train indoors, and for most of the winter I wore a big poofy jacket. Seeing as though the race would begin in the low 20*s, I decided to hit up the local Target to find some thermal leggings. The running ones were completely overpriced (for my budget anyway) so I bought some of those velour-lined leggings you’d normally wear underneath a dress. They worked! And they were also less than $15.

To save money, we used our newfound Fasta Pasta contraption to make hotel room spaghetti. We headed over to Trader Joe’s for some basics and snacks and “cooked” a pretty big pre-race meal…and picked up a ton of snacks.

The race itself was very well supported. I never felt like I was alone at all on the course. Lots of runners and walkers and spectators. Everyone was very supportive. On top of that, the food was amazing.

This race registration was completely comped by my sponsor, Honey Stinger. I’m not sure if I would’ve ever heard of this race or done it without them. As part of my 50 states goal, I’ve already completed the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans race, but I actually wish I did this one instead. New Orleans was a fun town to visit, but Baton Rouge was a better race city in my opinion.


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