Training Recap: Weeks 10-16 of Escape from Alcatraz

I haven’t been able to do as much as I’d like with my writing. I used to write weekly training recaps to help me reflect on my progress and goals. My writing has taken a bit of a backseat to my work and teaching (which includes lots of grading).

So, in the time I’ve been away, I’ve traveled to work and had surgery. I’ve since recovered and am back at training…

Week 10: I traveled to Seattle for 5 days. I left after class on Tuesday night and stayed through Sunday afternoon. Most days I was able to squeeze in at least one Orangetheory session. I even managed to take a class when I spent the weekend in Tacoma. Additionally, I met with my tri coach in Tacoma, where we talked a bit more about Alcatraz race strategies and gear.

Week 11: Because of my nonstop work, recent travel, and general overlap of Orangetheory and tri training, I was pretty much fatigued. I kept going to my Orangetheory classes but my tri training took a backseat. I felt it was better to do something than to do nothing. Tri training can be so isolating, and Orangetheory is so fun and social.

Week 12 (birthday week): LEEP surgery. I had my surgery on my last day of 34. I wanted a fresh start in my new age group. Also…I entered a new age group! I hope I get to do more triathlons between 35-39 than 30-34. I ended up going into the office for about half the day on my birthday. My best friend also came into town to celebrate for a few days. I wish I was in better spirits so that I could do more things with her.

Week 13: Recovery. This was the most boring (yet relaxing) week ever. I tried to stay off social media because it was too depressing seeing everyone else get their miles in!

Week 14: This was a modified recovery week. I was allowed to use the elliptical, but nothing bouncy or submerged. I think I went to the gym almost everyday because I was at my wits end with lack of training! This was also the week that I re-signed up for Planet Fitness again, only having cancelled it a few months back. I realized that I would need to begin my 2-a-day workouts soon, and that having a few massage facilities at my disposal wasn’t a bad idea.

Week 15: I resumed my training and it kicked my butt. Stairs seem a lot harder now, which is a bummer. I’ve had to readjust my Alcatraz training schedule so that I have 3-week training sprints, followed by a 1-week recovery period. It essentially shaves off three weeks from my training plan. It feels like I’ve lost a lot of progress but I’m finding that I am a lot more focused now. Maybe it’s the panic talking. This sense of urgency also led me to FINISH the Alcatraz bike course on Rouvy!!! It took me 2.5 hours but I did it. What was interesting was seeing people struggle up those hills in the video. I also saw a few mechanical failures. I also saw people of all sizes, which is mentally helpful for me. I feel like my body has changed quite a bit since the winter, when I had to go off of some of my medications. I’m not quite feeling like myself but hopefully things continue improving.


Week 16: I’ve fully resumed my training with a modified plan. So far I’m still swapping out days but am mostly getting in my training. It feels like a lot…for instance, I’m planning training on my work days in the office, so that I can steal some time for the gym. I’m also trying not to sacrifice my Orangetheory sessions, but I’ve began removing some classes in favor of my tri training. The Alcatraz bike route on Rouvy is a little less intimidating, but it is still very difficult. The video portion of the training helps with my visualization. I’ve been investigating ways to practice the Alcatraz swim. I’ve seen one company provide training or private swim sessions…they run on Fridays for $150. I would love to go, but I’d somehow have to get out to San Francisco for an early morning swim and then…come back to Denver? Or do I practice the course? I’m running out of time since there is so much upcoming travel. (Shiprock NM, nothing the following weekend, then Estes Park, Seattle, San Diego, and then San Francisco!!) I get about 3-4 weeks of peace before all of the traveling begins. My last modified month of training is going to get VERY challenging!

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