Race Recap: Ocean Breeze 10K 2019

I was in Los Angeles for a design conference, and of course I naturally poke around a few race websites. As soon as I saw that there was a race available, I went ahead and registered.

This race was with a small local group. I was a bit nervous to join a smaller group, since I once signed up for a local race and got completely lost! However, I looked at the map for this race and it was fairly straightforward along the mixed-use path in Santa Monica.

After registering myself, I also managed to talk my friend into running with me. I originally had planned on running the half marathon distance, but again I was still feeling burned from it all. The morning of the race, I decided to take it super easy and use the opportunity to catch up with my friend. It heated up considerably during this run, so I ditched my jacket partway and tried to enjoy the sun for a bit.

This smaller race had lots of finish line goodies (enough for a short distance), and also offered free race photos. It was so nice! I would be happy to run another race with them again. They have races every few weeks near the beach. The next time I’m in the area, I will definitely look them up again.

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