Race recap: Hot Chocolate 15K Phoenix 2019

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love these Hot Chocolate races. I love it so much that I registered my husband and I for the one in Phoenix for a celebratory weekend. It was so nice and toasty and sunny. We stayed downtown for the race, and it was a short Lyft ride to the start line. The best thing about Phoenix is the weather, and I relished it that weekend!

Most of us hit a PR that weekend. I chugged along, but my hip had started to become very sore due to overtraining. I was following a training plan for the LA marathon, and I had coupled it with some new running shoes (not my model). A few runs in, I began to feel a very sharp stabbing pain after my training runs. After my race, I definitely felt it in my hip. I used lidocaine patches to tide me over before I could be seen by my physical therapist. She diagnosed me with bursitis and a hip strain. I managed to hit a pace PR during the race, so that probably also contributed to it.

I figured that this would be a one-and-done race. I was hoping to get an overall PR but with my hip pain, that was nearly impossible. That goal will just have to wait awhile! I did use the opportunity to stock up on some free chocolate though.

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