Race recap: Surf City 5K 2020

My short-distance kick was certainly in full swing this weekend. I had wrapped up another week of PT and started to feel better, so I decided to downgrade from the half to the 5K. It meant that I would lose my legacy status. In hindsight I think I still made the right call.

I ran/jogged the first ten minutes or so of the race, and as soon as I began to feel that nagging feeling in my hip, I immediately started walking. Strangely enough, even with the walking, I still finished the 5K in 48 minutes. Depending on the year, I’ve still managed to run that distance in that time, so overall I felt like it was a win.

There was so much time between my finish and Erik’s finish that I was able to enjoy a free post-race massage. I was beaten up for nearly 20 minutes. It was also super cold, and I picked up a running jacket left behind by some very serious racer. (I say that because I would literally never leave behind any clothing at a race!)

All in all, I was happy to have finished and to have enjoyed the sun before heading back to snowy Colorado!

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