Hike: Stonehenge Trail at Lake Pueblo State Park

I headed out to Lake Pueblo State Park for an overnight camping trip. It was very toasty and warm and sunny! During the entire hike I may have ran into a few cyclists and four other hikers. On AllTrails I found a short hike that included a few great views of the reservoir and valley. We would also find a lots of cairn statues at the end of the hike.

Since it was so hot, dry, and exposed, I packed cooling gaiters and a ton of water. Nuun was definitely a staple for the hike! I also made a PB&J and packed Honey Stinger chews and waffles. Since this hike was so hot I found that I got hungry more often.

This hike was a little confusing because there were a ton of offshoot trails, like “Broken Hip Trail.” I thought it was ominous but also kind of clever! This is more used as a mountain biking trail, so sometimes it gets narrow and the trail ends up with a small canal in the middle. We also ended up in a river wash at some point during the hike. I could only imagine what it looks like in the winter or spring when there is water running through it.

I can still feel the sun and heat on my face 🙂

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