Hike: Carpenter Peak

With no races on my schedule, I was itching to get out in a responsible way. I decided to get out for a hike and to head out super early to avoid people. I brought plenty of hand sanitizer and had two neck gaiters so that I could double up.

I got to Roxborough State Park really early, just a few minutes after 7am. There was still plenty of parking at the time in the small parking lot. The sunrise over the red rocks were gorgeous. It was such a stunning place for a trail run. The trail wasn’t very technical, so for me, running was fine. It was fairly quiet. I saw three other people on the trail and we kept crossing paths.

I packed a PB&J, some Honey Stinger waffles, and some nuun for my run. It came out to a 10K out and back. It was a great workout. Not too challenging, but not too easy either. I definitely recommend it if you travel to Denver and have a few hours to spare.

I spent my time thinking about all of the cancelled races and disappointment in the running community. I hope that everyone had a chance to do some reflection and enjoy other ways of getting out safely. I was using this trail run as a weekend training run for the nuun half marathon. I was really looking forward to the camaraderie of running a group race virtually!

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