Hike: Arches National Park

We drove out a few hours east to go to Maroon Bells but I decided to take advantage of one last sunny warm weekend in Colorado…and we headed out to Arches National Park in Utah. It was just a few extra hours from Glenwood Springs, where we were staying.

There were lots of people at Arches during the weekend we hiked. It seemed fairly avoidable seeing as though all of the Colorado parks seemed to be on a reservation system. We initially thought we’d get turn around but they waved us right in.

At every single parking lot, there were lots of cars. On the trails there were also lots of families and groups, although none looked too large. I can’t imagine what this place would look like under normal conditions. People were distancing as much as possible, but it seemed super important to them. I spent a lot of time hanging back and waiting for crowds to dissipate before hiking in for photos.

None of the hikes were super strenuous or challenging. It was mostly just sandy and hot. With my new trail shoes and a new pair of hiking pants, I was super comfortable. We were able to hike quite a few trails, but had to forgo the very popular Delicate Arch hike. Unfortunately, I had medication on ice that had melted, so it was important for me to find a soda machine! I will certainly come back for that hike.

Right before you turn in to Arches, there is a neat jerky shop. I definitely recommend stopping by and grabbing a few bags. They were 3 for $50 but oh so worth it!

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