Race recap: Alien Chase 5K 2021

The Alien Chase 5K is a small local race held in Roswell, NM during the UFO Festival weekend (typically around the 4th of July). This year, Roswell got hit with a pretty severe monsoon season. There was significant flooding in May and then again the weekend before the festival, so unfortunately most of the race course got washed out and was very unsafe. A lot of homes and businesses in south Roswell were flooded, which was unfortunate.

The course was a simple out and back, starting at DeBremond Stadium. It heads west along the mixed use trail. In July, you can expect the weather to be fairly humid. During this run, it was 71 degrees with 75% humidity. Bring bug spray! I was stung many times by mosquitos. It seems as though they are attracted to dark colors (probably because they blend in), so I recommend light and flowy fabrics and bug spray. The path is very flat with a net elevation gain of 50 feet. There are some street crossings but there are police escorts to keep everyone safe. I remember there being a few aid stations with water and electrolyte drinks. Everyone gets a cotton t-shirt with the little running alien on it. I hope to dress up next year!

I would definitely recommend this race if you were coming out for the UFO Festival. It is short and easy enough for walkers, and small enough for competitive runners. They gave prizes for overall winners, and then age group winners.

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