Race recap: Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon 2021

This was my first “real” race in awhile, and my first Rock n Roll race since Las Vegas 2019. I know that I had completed a few other races towards the beginning of my Dopey training journey, but I didn’t take them all too seriously. The data points didn’t mean as much since I was approaching the races with mostly a fun attitude. In this case though, this half marathon was meant to help me gauge my effort level and how I would feel after a race (especially in one that I would decide to run more of than walk).

San Diego is their flagship race. We are pretty used to an extensive pre-race expo. Because of COVID, the expo was pretty small and people weren’t lingering as long. Masks were required. They had a few cool photo ops available, which was nice. Otherwise, there’s not much to report on the expo!

I’ve done this race a few times — both the full and half distances — so I know what to expect. It is a pretty scenic course with a few hills thrown in for good measure. It was a little crowded at the beginning of the race, so I pulled my neck gaiter over my nose and mouth as much as possible. Otherwise, I tried to linger towards the back of the pack where it wasn’t so dense.

I think I got a call during mile 2 from my IVF doctor, which was a bit unusual on a Sunday. She was asking about my primary doc’s denial of me being put on a short-term statin. The call took about five minutes so I used it as an opportunity to take a walk break. After we hung up, I pressed on through the city. Once the course made its way through Normal Heights, I saw that the impromptu bars and cheer squads were out like in pre-pandemic times. They are always hosted in good spirited fun, and I never partake because I can’t imagine how lousy I would feel drinking and running at the same time!

The rest of the race was pretty normal…nothing much new to report. There was a medical emergency at the long hill climb up to the freeway and downtown corridor. It looked like someone was having an epileptic seizure. An ambulance eventually came flying up that hill, so thankfully there was plenty of course support for emergencies.

We finished on the beautiful waterfront and waited for my friend to finish the full marathon. She upgraded at the last minute, of course!

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