Race recap: Labor Day 10K 2022

It has been a blazing hot summer in Colorado. Labor Day weekend was no exception! There were 3 distances available: half marathon, 10K, and 5K. The 10K started right when it was just cool enough but on the brink of heating up. Thankfully I dressed to what the weather would have been at my anticipated finish time (over 90 minutes at least).

It was great being able to run the 10K. It has been awhile since I’ve done that distance…July, I think. It was in preparation for my race in Portugal, which I ended up skipping because I got sick. This race seemed like a nice concession since I also just wrapped up an IVF cycle, which was absolutely brutal. BRUTAL. My ovaries have deflated but the rest of me has not. It’s okay though…at least I recovered enough to run.

The course was mostly flat…completely paved the entire way. The trail winds around a local park onto the Cherry Creek Trail. There was very little cover, so if you decide to run this race make sure to put on some sunscreen and wear a hat!

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