Race recap: Alien Chase 5K 2022

The Alien Chase 5K is hosted every year in Roswell, NM during the UFO Festival (around the 4th of July weekend). Just like last year, it was very VERY hot and humid, even at the 7am race start. I learned my lesson from last year…black attracts mosquitoes, and so does the lack of bug spray. This year I ran with my most neon green clothes I could find (mostly leftover from Dopey) and then I also used insect repellant spray. I got out mostly bite free.

The path starts at DeBremmond Stadium, and heads southwest down the running path. It’s the same running path I’ve enjoyed many times. We moved to another side of town, but I have not yet found a replacement running path.

This year the race actually sold out, so we had to register for it late. Our medal and shirts are deferred since they had to place an additional order. Come to think of it, I haven’t even received it yet and it’s been 2 months. Oh well – next time I will remember to register sooner! I love supporting this small town’s quirky annual event.

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