Race recap: Chili Pepper Half Marathon 2022

I loved taking a quick weekend road trip to Las Cruces. This is another small local race that is frequented by folks in the 50 States Club. It is a one mile loop as many times you need to finish your race distance. They host both a half marathon and full marathon. I think they also hosted on both days as well (Saturday and Sunday) for serial racers.

The race starts before dark, and there are no lights along the running path. I used my phone to light the way. I should’ve brought my headlamp but it wasn’t too much of a bother. There were lots of walkers and runners out who were enjoying the day. One of them were very familiar…I chatted with him at a few other races. It seems as though he is a serial marathoner who is chasing races all around the US. That’s pretty cool but I think I’ll be slowing down for a little bit anyway.

The course was incredibly flat and the weather was perfect. Late fall/early spring in New Mexico is dry and beautiful. I love it! The drive to Las Cruces is also pretty easy (Roswell -> Ruidoso -> Alamogordo -> Las Cruces).

I’d definitely do this race again!

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