Race Recap: Great Balloon Chase 10K 2022

Fall in Albuquerque is quite nice. I’ve really enjoyed the smaller races I’ve been doing lately. It feels nice to support smaller businesses and to get to know these cities a little more intimately.

This was my first hot air balloon themed race, and it was very scenic! As you can see from my race pics, there were hot air balloons going up all around us. This race coincides with the Great Balloon Festival in New Mexico, which draws crowds from all over the world. In years past, this race was coordinated over two consecutive weekends, but this year they opted only for one weekend.

The 10K started off cool but heated up towards the end. The route was mixed between gravel, dirt, and pavement. There was a turnaround point that folks missed, so some ran a heavy 10K. There were a few aid stations and photographers on the course, and plenty of other runners in case you are scared of getting lost.

I’d definitely consider running this race again!

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