Race Recap: Red Shirt Run 10K 2023

February was a busy month!

I took a week of vacation to visit friends/family (and to drive 2,000 miles!) and then went straight back to LA for a work trip. As with any work trip, I always try to multi-task so I checked my most favorite website ever – runningintheusa.com – for some fun weekend plans. Lo and behold there was a race that Sunday I was set to depart, and it was just a few blocks from my hotel.

This was the week where Los Angeles was hit with torrential rain. I’ve lived in LA and don’t think I’ve ever experienced that kind of rain. The storm drains couldn’t keep up. Traffic was sprawled. My hair was frizzy. IT RAINED. But come Sunday morning, the skies were blue and the weather was absolutely perfect. There were a few washed out places on the running path but nothing I we couldn’t handle.

The 10K course was 5K out and back done twice. The weather during the first loop was great…breezy and cool. It was on the second loop that it heated up quite a bit. I overdressed and wore sweatpants and my thermal jacket. It heated up pretty quickly and halfway on my second loop I undressed (I was wearing shorts underneath). When will I learn that it is better to under-dress than over-dress? I know that but for some reason it all goes out the window when I feel cold.

The finish line was fairly chill. The race director gave me a heartfelt congratulations and a volunteer waved me to the snack table. It included the usual runner fare, like bananas and water bottles. However, as you can also see…Twinkies. Name brand Hostess baked treats. I grabbed a Twinkie and enjoyed it on my walk back to the hotel for breakfast. It’s all about work/life balance.

Since I felt pretty good after this 10K, I felt like I could move on to a half marathon training plan that would wrap up before my final intraovarian PRP treatment. I’d be able to easily ramp up within the restrictions and available timeframe.

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