I registered for the Disney World Dopey Challenge in 2024!

Going through IVF has been one giant emotional rollercoaster. My 39th birthday came and went. The day was mostly a blur of tears and depression. I cleared my calendar and even got in a tear-filled 3.9 mile run in on the treadmill. In one sense, I've come a long way -- I have a great … Continue reading I registered for the Disney World Dopey Challenge in 2024!

It’s World Bipolar Day 2023

Bipolar disorder affects nearly 1% of the US population. It is more than just mood swings: it includes a dizzying array of symptoms that are reasonably disproportionate. A lot of folks go misdiagnosed for years -- typically for depression or anxiety -- because they seek help during those lows. In the highs, it appears like … Continue reading It’s World Bipolar Day 2023

Race Recap: Red Shirt Run 10K 2023

February was a busy month! I took a week of vacation to visit friends/family (and to drive 2,000 miles!) and then went straight back to LA for a work trip. As with any work trip, I always try to multi-task so I checked my most favorite website ever - runningintheusa.com - for some fun weekend … Continue reading Race Recap: Red Shirt Run 10K 2023

Race Recap: Chilly Willy 10K 2023

Wanting to take advantage of the beautiful New Mexico winter, I did some more Googling after my 10K in Las Cruces and found that there was a 10K in Albuquerque the following weekend. It was the Chilly Willy race, and it certainly lived up to its name. To reduce the amount of driving, we ended … Continue reading Race Recap: Chilly Willy 10K 2023

2023 New Year’s Resolutions

New Years resolutions usually suck. However, I've seen some folks who stick it out really....stick it out! My new years resolutions (already revised since Jan 1st) - Wear sunscreen everyday (first need to find one that doesn't cause me to break out!) Make 5K and 10K my race distances of the year January: Las Cruces … Continue reading 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Race Recap: Las Cruces 10K 2023

New year, same me! Still scrolling through my favorite website of all time, runningintheusa.com and looking for quick weekend races. I'm trying to stay within driving distance nowadays. This new race sprang up out of nowhere...the inaugural Las Cruces marathon, half, 10K, and 5K. Since it was the first race, we obviously had to go … Continue reading Race Recap: Las Cruces 10K 2023

I’m a Still I Run 2023 Ambassador!

I'm proud to announce that I have been re-selected as a 2023 Still I Run Ambassador. Still I Run is the country’s only non-profit running community that works to promote the benefits of running for mental health while also working to defeat the stigma, raise awareness around the topic, and help others get started running … Continue reading I’m a Still I Run 2023 Ambassador!