Ultramarathon in My Future?

Hmm, I've thought about doing some crazy things, but they were usually solo adventures. I wonder if I could sucker about five other crazy people to run a 200-mile ultramarathon with me? Last night I came across an ad for the Ragnar Relay Race in So Cal...a jaunt from Huntington Beach to Coronado Island. Seeing … Continue reading Ultramarathon in My Future?

Wanderlust Isn’t For The Faint Hearted

I graduated college with some big plans for myself. I wanted to travel the world immediately after my undergraduate degree was conferred. It would've been sometime in September 2007, when I was on the last leg of my global internship in Thailand. It was amidst a recession and someway, somehow, my phone rang when I … Continue reading Wanderlust Isn’t For The Faint Hearted