Ultramarathon in My Future?

Hmm, I’ve thought about doing some crazy things, but they were usually solo adventures.

I wonder if I could sucker about five other crazy people to run a 200-mile ultramarathon with me?

Last night I came across an ad for the Ragnar Relay Race in So Cal…a jaunt from Huntington Beach to Coronado Island. Seeing as though I’ve driven that far and have been to both Huntington Beach, San Diego, and a smattering of cities in between, it seems like a lot of run!

The only problem is that it’ll cut into my half Ironman training, which will be picking up considerably after the March 18th LA Marathon. Maybe I can put it in my race bucket list for the following year.

Any of you ever thought of running an ultramarathon? Better yet, anyone interested in joining me in 2013?!

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