Returning to Nature – It’s Just Perspective, People!

I am a true believer that most of our problems can be solved by returning to nature.

We face a lot of complex issues everyday. Maybe someone at work is under-performing. Perhaps you are feeling conflicted about a loved one. Maybe the external pressures you feel are just too much to bear. When things get rough, consider taking a step back and consider returning to your natural roots for a little bit. You don’t have to go completely Walden on us — a short walk, hike, bike ride, or ocean appreciation lunch break will do — but most of the time, giving yourself a change in environment can reframe your perspective.

Nature has a perfect order about her. Completely self-correcting and forgiving, the great outdoors can stand to teach you a lot about balance and harmony. Nature is not possessive or emotional; it reacts on both metaphysical and chemical logic that transcends human rationalization. There are no shades of gray really, just an endless array of possibilities that come in all shapes and sizes…if you know where to look.

On the other hand, Nature knows when to work on a problem and when to obliterate it as well. Admittedly we’re humans, and therefore emotional, so we can’t completely devoid our behavior and rationalization from said emotion. But again, if we could take a step back to reframe our perspective and understand a problem for what it actually is — not what we think it might be based on how we are feeling today, or how someone is telling us how to feel —  we might actually be able to solve some of our problems.

Give it a try!