Day 3 and Keeping Tabs On Progress

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a fitness kick, gearing up for a new semester, or trying to save more money from your paycheck. You should be documenting EVERYTHING you’re doing that puts you closer to success.

On that note…Hooray! I’ve survived Day 3 of my challenge.

I’ve found some great tools to help me stay on track…primarily to keep tabs on my own progress. Aside from blogging (obviously!) it’s also really important to keep track of the little steps I’m taking that will accumulate in to big changes. I’ve gone running a few times this week and wanted a way to accurate keep track of my distance and speed, so I joined RunKeeper to help me do that easily. It tracks my runs, calories burned, distance, time, etc…really nifty! Additionally, I’ve had a membership to eDiets that hasn’t quite seen the light of day these last few months (I joined last August), so I decided to dust it off again and sign in to take advantage of the customized workouts, meal plans, and the nutrition tracker.

One of the most important things about making a concerted effort to achieve a goal is keeping yourself accountable. I find that it is easy for me to stay true to my word if 1) I have to answer to other people and 2) I have to document my progress. What helps is that I am seeing immediate benefits — I feel great, I’m sleeping better, I’m focused on tasks at hand, and hey — I slayed my to-do list today. (I crossed off a record 18 items!)

How do you keep track of your progress?