Paleo Day 12…Rungry, So Now We Feast!

The day started a bit later than usual. I think I was finally up and at it by 11am. Shant and I were up really late last night trying to make a paleo strawberry souffle. (We failed with flying colors.) When I was finally ready to tackle the day I decided that it was probably best to work out before too much day passed me by. I packed up my gear and headed out after I stuffed my face with dates and a glass of water.

I was finally feeling a bit more energetic after the other day’s heavy workout, so I decided to push myself in the pool. I wanted to swim at least one mile before I came back home. I didn’t care how long it took, what stroke I chose to use, so long that I finished one mile before coming home. I finished it and felt like I still had enough energy to complete my run for the day, so I headed home and had half a banana and a few handful of almonds before hitting the pavement.

…And then I got a sugar attack, so I downed a handful or so of raisins and cranberries. Yum!

Then, Shant and I headed out for some sushi. We’d done pretty well this week and we were making some compromises. Again, eating out is kind of difficult when you’re paleo so we talked it over a bit. Sake? That’s rice wine, which is technically not paleo. Soy sauce? It’s made of soybeans so it’s not paleo. Rice? Definitely not paleo. We made an agreement to cheat a bit if we wanted, but to do it within reason…so I mixed my wasabe and low-sodium soy sauce pretty much immediately!

Started off with an albacore roll. After one or two bites I was kind of tired of the rice. (Funny how that works!) I started eating just the fish and peeling the rice away.

Then moved on to the california roll. (The roll on the right we ended up scrapping since we didn’t like it.) The california roll was decent, but I kept unwrapping the rice. There was so much of it, and the flavors were overpowering the crab and avocado. It also absorbed so much soy sauce that the flavors were also overpowering. No likey!

Then I moved on to a spicy tuna roll topped with yellowtail. I ate two of these whole with no regrets!

Then I took one bite of the eel roll. We held off on the sauce.

And, since our first sushi restaurant wasn’t as good as we thought, we decided to go to a second one. That’s right — we restaurant hopped straight to another sushi restaurant. This one was on Crescent Heights and Sunset. Super delicious…I’ve gone there before so I was familiar with their quality. What was great was that the sushi chef was very understanding of our preferences (holding off on rice, no sauces, etc) and didn’t give us a hard time. Sometimes I eat at other restaurants and get scoffed at when I make special requests, but this chef was completely cool with it. We’ll definitely be back!

This time, we split one hot sake. I had one cup…and I think Shant might’ve had like, five. (I was the driver.)

Then, I had some seaweed salad. This was soooooo good. Fresh sliced seaweed with sesame oil drizzled atop, and sesame seeds sprinkled, served on a bed of radish. Very filling and flavorful.

Then I moved on to a california hand roll with no rice. Super delicious.

Then, after an evening of strolling about supermarkets (we do that from time to time), I cracked open an avocado before we made some dessert. (That’s in a later post!) Raw, plain avocado is super healthy and delicious. What a treat!

And then I ended the day with some chocolate pudding and chocolate dipped strawberries. Isn’t my boyfriend awesome?!

So yes, I was rungry and we definitely feasted. Some days are like that. I definitely don’t eat like this everyday but based on the workouts I had I think that it’s getting easier to listen to my body. While I’m resting from my two hard workouts, I need to feed it some food that will help with recovery, right? I think all of these foods does my body good. Plus, the chocolate dipped strawberries were a really good end to an already fabulous day.