3 Day Weekend in Seattle: International District, Zoo, Bumbershoot

So I’ve been feeling pretty miserable for the past 6 days. Last week, after my victorious 1+ mile swim, I went in to my local dentist to get my top two wisdom teeth yanked out. It was a painful procedure, which was doubly difficult since I’m kind of alone in a new city. After my surgery, I took the bus home, and as the anesthetic was wearing off, I drove myself to the grocery store to stock up on incredibly mushy food — soups, yogurts, puddings, etc. I tried eating some solid food over the weekend but it was very painful, so I’ve resumed my mush routine again for now.

My dentist prohibited me from exercising within the first few days following my surgery. She mentioned that as the wounds were clotting up, any spike in blood pressure would cause them to burst. So, with the mental picture of blood gushing (in geyser-like fashion) from my wisdom teeth holes, I stayed off my feet. I worked from home for a day and returned back on Friday. Thankfully it was a pretty quiet day in the office so I didn’t have to talk much.

The pain severity increased over the weekend, unfortunately. My boyfriend flew into town for the long weekend, and I tried to enjoy it as much as possible. It was comforting having him around and it definitely lifted my spirits up. I was in so much pain that I continued skipping my workouts well into the weekend, but thankfully our fun endeavors were still slightly active. On Saturday we had fun in the International District, on Sunday we headed to the Woodland Park Zoo, and on Monday we attended the Bumbershoot Festival. Enjoy the photos and videos below.

I can’t wait to feel good enough to head out for a run. I have a 10K this weekend that is supposed to be my personal kickoff to the insane fall racing season!

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