Would you be interested in joining my virtual training team?

Hey ladies and gents!

I just posted a new vlog after a year-long hiatus. (Warning: it’s pretty much the same thing I’m blogging here.)

So after reading about a friend who just joined Team in Training for Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge next January, I clicked through to another blog from a charity runner who was conducting a similar virtual race of her own. My idea is not quite original but I figured that it was worth a try.

Here it goes: I’m thinking of hosting another marathon training team. This time, though, it’s virtual. If you’ve wanted a reason to finish a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or full marathon, then here it is. I’m hosting my very own virtual training team and race so that you no longer have the excuse of time to fall back on. Your “registration fee” is actually a 100% donation to Dress for Success for my fundraising campaign. In exchange for this generous donation, I will help you cross off this distance off of your bucket list!

The race date is tentatively set for January 20, 2013. That cuts it a bit close for the full 26.2 distance, so I will think of alternative dates that it can be held on. You can run where ever you want — you pick the course and location. I’ll provide a training plan for your selected distance and provide a weekly chat where we can all log on and talk about how training is going, address any concerns you have, etc. In the week leading up to this virtual race you’ll get a goody bag and your bib. Once you finish the course and provide proof of finishing (i.e. photos of your time, etc) I will send to you your finisher’s medal and certificate.

If you think you may be interested, you can let me know in the comments or tweet/Facebook/email me! If cost is a factor, I think it’d be more than fine if you fundraised that amount as well. (All fundraising will be funneled through the Dress for Success race fundraising page on Crowdrise.)

Here are the details —

Race date: January 20, 2013 (tentative — 26.2 may be delayed for about 4-6 weeks)

$20 donation – 5K (3.1 miles)
$35 donation – 10K (6.2 miles)
$50 donation – Half marathon (13.1 miles)
$100 donation – Full marathon (26.2 miles)

Register via Donation on Crowdrise


What you get:
1) A training plan (for distance, NOT speed)
2) Weekly virtual video chats with the group
3) A race goody bag
4) A race bib
5) A medal
6) A finisher’s certificate

1) One lucky random donor will receive free registration to ANY race of their choice! (Up to $135 value)
2) Receive an awesome gift for fundraising 3x your donation amount
3) Get a network of support for your goal
4) Feel satisfied knowing that 100% of your donation goes to Dress for Success

Important Notice:
In order for you to receive your medal and finisher’s certificate, you must provide proof that you finished the distance. You can send a photo of your measured/timed run (i.e. photo of the treadmill screen, picture of your Garmin time, screenshot of your phone, etc). Additionally, by entering in to this training program you acknowledge that you have the medical clearance to do so and that I am not advising you directly on how to train, eat, etc. I provide mentorship, encouragement, and guidance only since I am not a certified personal trainer, doctor, health professional, etc.

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