Week 7 Ironman Louisville Training: May Hope Forever Wipe Away Your Tears

So I’ve been recovering (a.k.a. being really lazy) during week 7 of my training. I’ve been laying off of it but I think I can begin putting in more time and miles now that I have full mobility of my ankle. Things still seem a bit stiff physically but they pale in comparison to the mental roadblocks I’m facing.

They say that training and racing is mostly a matter of overcoming mental obstacles than physical ones. The diminished training schedule of the last two weeks have left me listless at best, questioning whether or not I have what it takes to make it to the finish line. I try to keep in mind that I’m pretty far along, being practically half-Ironman ready at week 7 is a big deal and that with enough work and perseverance I can make it to Louisville. Overall things still seem daunting but I don’t want to steer off plan too much for fear of losing any semblance of control.

If you haven’t already heard, this morning’s Boston Marathon ended abruptly with a few explosions that harmed more than a hundred people. When I read it, I wasn’t sure how I’d make sense of it. When something like this happens to a very close-knit community, it’s heartbreaking and devastating. We’ll probably never understand why it happened.

My thoughts are with the Boston Marathon runners and families

What hurts the most is knowing that it could’ve been any of us. My boyfriend and sometimes, my friends, tag along to my races. They wait for me at the finish line. A part of me is sad about what happened, but a bigger part of me is terrified that it could one day happen to me. What would I do if I made it to the end of my 140.6 journey and my family and loved ones were hurt in a senseless attack? I would feel completely helpless, not to mention at fault, for putting them in harm’s way. Either way, that’s speculative and it’s not really a road worth journeying on…it really just broods negative emotion. Running and training embodies a spirit of hope and wonderment. This was the antithesis of it.

Hope. Hope is really what keeps the dream alive.

Week 7 Ironman Louisville Training:

4 hours 50 minutes of training; 3.1 miles of swimming with some strength training thrown in

Monday, April 8: Rest + chiropractor visit

Tuesday, April 9: Ankle rehabilitative strength training. I used my left foot to pick up scraps of paper on the floor and used resistance bands to build in some flexibility and mobility into my joint. I finished off the session with some balance ball work to get my stabilizers back into the game. Swam for 0.9 miles in the evening.

Wednesday, April 10: Swam for a half mile + chiropractor visit

Thursday, April 11: Swam for a half mile in the morning, followed up with a functional assessment. It uncovered a lot of weaknesses overall on my left side, so I have plenty to work on.

Friday, April 12: Rest + chiropractor visit. I slept through my morning training (irritating), was late for my assessment results (infuriating) and then forgot my swimsuit at home by the time I got to the pool (world war 3). Ended up taking the day off to show my friend around town after a good frustrating cry session.

Saturday, April 13: 1.2 mile swim in an hour and 45. OUCH. I’ve lost a lot of speed in the pool. You’d think I’m swimming backwards or something. My swim cap also tore, which was an interesting problem to have.

Sunday, April 14: Rest

Relentless forward progress.

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