Week 11 HITS 70.3 Palm Springs Training: One Step At A Time

So I promise you one thing: after I write this week’s nothing recap blog, I’m going to clear out my TrainingPeaks 140.6 plan and actually put together a real, feasible plan for the next 6 (and some change) weeks until the 70.3. I foresee a lot more time on the bike, a handful of 10+ mile training runs, one open water swim a week, and some pool time to get me race ready. Feasible, despite this being my third week off from training.

Has it really been three full weeks? I’ve trained here and there…just not very consistently. Those of you who know me well know that I’ve hit a rather major rough patch in my personal life, with some definite highs and lows. It’s a strange adjustment to focus more on myself lately. When I feel like shopping, I go shopping. When I feel like booking a vacation, I book it. When I feel like making a huge purchase, I do it. My wallet isn’t happy but I think it’s historically the way I’ve dealt with past troubles, except this time I actually had a cash reserve in place for something like this. And hey, these aren’t things that will diminish into the night. These are all things that help me focus on me.

Headed out to a weekend camping trip with a friend. Had a great time at one of the most beautiful state parks in Washington. It was relaxing and cathartic. I finally felt myself relax and reflect into my thoughts and examine what I’ve let slip through the cracks. I thought a lot about where I was in my creative life (it is *not* just a means to an end, right?), I thought a lot about friends and family, I thought a lot about all the things I’ve been wanting to do and how to put the pieces together. All in all a good time.

Oh, and there was hiking. And beaches.

Benson Beach, Cape Disappointment


Climbing up to get a better view
Wind-created sand ripples
Embarking on a hike
Sunset at Benson Beach, Cape Disappointment

Monday, September 14: Traveling

Tuesday, September 15: 6.26 mile run

Wednesday, September 16: 18.31 mile ride

Thursday, September 17: 0.5 mile open water swim

Friday, September 18: Vacation

Saturday, September 19: 3.5 mile hike while on vacation

Sunday, September 20: Traveling

All right! 6 weeks until Palm Springs. If there was ever any time to do it, *this* is the time to focus.

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