Two Weeks Until Race Day

I’ve had a decent stretch over the last few weeks getting back into training for my impending half Ironman. To think that I could lapse out of training and kind of pick back up where I left off is nothing short of astonishing, really. And a little punishing.

To give me enough buffer time so that I don’t do anything stupid (like sprain another ankle or something equally race-cancelling) I silently decided to go after my three race distances in one week to see if I had what it takes to finish all of the segments. It turns out that I did. One day after work I completed my 1.2 mile swim. The next morning, I slogged out a 56+ mile bike ride on the trainer. (Still not as good as out in the outdoors but I’ll take it…) The next day after work, I headed out for a half marathon jaunt around town. I made it through all of the workouts without a hitch. Some mental efforts, but my body was able to physically keep up.

Getting the race packet in my email today was a big wakeup call. I have to survive Thanksgiving (otherwise known as Friendsgiving) and perhaps a ski weekend (where I don’t break my legs or twist an ankle) and then I’ll be boarding a plane to my race. I’m hoping to get some test miles out on the road in Palm Springs. Biking is still my biggest worry. I’m not sure why. I’m most insecure about it, but I guess everyone has to have a hangup (or two or three), right?

Less talking. More doing. Before I know it, it’ll be game time.

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