2704 miles + 448 hours = 2013

So this year was an amazing year in many respects. I’ve traveled 2,704.9 miles in 448 hours.

I somehow managed to hit some pretty great highs and some awful lows all in the span of twelve months. It included:

-6 races: 3 half marathons, my first 2 Olympic tris, and 1 half Ironman
-My mom going missing (during a psychiatric emergency) and having to fly down to LA to locate her
That time I learned that my friend died in a cycling accident
-Finally completing a major goal race, my first half Ironman
Getting over my fear of open water
That one time I finished last at a triathlon
Losing love & finding love within myself [I pity the fools who don’t think I’m amazing company]
-Signing my new coach, Brett from ZenTriathlon
-Making an appearance in a CNN article
Gaining some perspective at 12,500 feet
-Vacationing in Hawaii for the first time ever
Skiing & clipping in to my bike for the first time ever
Meeting my fundraising goal for the year
-Getting surprised with a new set of skis, bindings, and boots for Christmas

You learn a lot about yourself over the course of 448 hours. (When you do the math, that was only 5% of my year.) You learn what you’re capable of. You learn what you want and what you don’t want. You learn to listen to yourself in some ways, and to ignore yourself in others. You learn that you are most definitely more resilient and stronger than you think.

I’m looking forward to dreaming bigger in 2014. I’m looking forward to smashing some PRs. I’m looking forward to crossing more items off of my goals and bucket lists. I’m looking forward to putting my all into everything I do and never apologizing for it. I look forward to getting over my fear of falling off of mountains. I look forward to entering a new age group (HELLO F 30-35!). I look forward to love and loss and everything in between.

Let’s do this.

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