Another DNS, A Run Streak…And Ramping Up for Honolulu

A few days after my last post, there was a sudden change in plans. We ended up not making it to the start line at the Rocking Chocolate Half Marathon, and I never made it to the start line for the Desert’s Edge Sprint Triathlon either. That makes two triathlon DNSs (did not start) this season, after having trained since April. Bummer. I suppose there will always be the next age group!

Once it seemed like those races were out of reach, I decided to focus on some other goals within reach. The Honolulu Marathon is in early December, so I figured it was a good time to begin focusing on some more regular distance training. Based on my tri training and the events of late, I do not think it would be realistic for me to get my distance in for the full marathon in Savannah, which is in early November. However, an early December marathon should be realistic. I’m really looking forward to a low-pressure marathon! There is zero time limit for Honolulu, but my goal is still of course is to go a smidgeon lower than my Rock n Roll San Diego time. I guess we will see how my training goes.


In the meantime, I have decided to take on a mini-challenge of my own – run at least a mile a day. I didn’t quite have an end date in mind. My first run streak was 21 days. I thought that maybe 30 days would be a good challenge for this streak, but why not go for 365 days? I’m now at 21 days but now my knee is already sore! I’ve been doing more outdoor running than usual, so maybe I should keep using the treadmill every once in awhile. I know that once winter settles in I will be exclusively on the treadmill.

So, my race schedule until Honolulu includes Rock n Roll Montreal 13.1, Hot Chocolate 15K, Rock n Roll Denver, 13.1, Rock n Roll Las Vegas 13.1, Rock n Roll Savannah 13.1, Rock n Roll San Antonio 13.1, and the Honolulu Marathon. Oy vey!

Run Streak recap:

Day 1 – I was following my training plan, and it called for 6 miles. Well, actually, my weekend run called for 6 miles and I never got it in, so I squeezed it in during the morning before heading in to work.

Day 2 – My training plan called for a 3 mile run, so I knocked it out on the treadmill. I’m really enjoying the massage beds too. I listened to Swim Bike Mom, a podcast, and she had a guest on the show that had been doing a run streak for over 500 days. I thought that was really interesting and thought, why not me?

Day 3 – A mile on the treadmill. I’ve had to head to the office again, so my only evidence is the treadmill photo.

Day 4 – This is my first outdoor run in my neighborhood. I’ve literally never ventured out. I was a bit spooked so I didn’t take any photos. Based on my pace I was a little…er…excited to get home.

Day 5 – I got some really bad news, and all plans went out the window. I head out for my run anyways. If I can keep up my run streak through this, I could probably keep it up through almost anything.

Day 6 – I procrastinated so long that I ended up having to run in my normal clothes while my husband was shopping for electronics. I did it right before dinner. In a different city.

Day 7 – A sunset jaunt around Sloan Lake.

Day 8 – Three morning creepers in one mile. I sometimes get one or two, but three was a new record.

Day 9 – It’s been a rough week. I’ve not been at work and when I tried to get caught up, I ended up falling asleep on my laptop(s).

Day 10 – Headed out for a morning run. Felt a bit down but tried to think ahead to other races and other past races where we’ve had great memories. They will come again soon.

Day 11 – I live near a horse. I named him Horus.

Day 12 – While waiting for an appointment, I headed out for a run to see how far I could go in a mile. I also got to check out a new neighborhood.

Day 13 – Later than preferred morning run since I was preparing for weekend guests.

Day 14 – I learned that one of my students passed away. It was a sad run.

Day 15 – First day back teaching. Also back-to-back appointments all day. Mentally preparing for work the next day. Trying to bank as much sleep as possible so I don’t feel like a zombie.

Day 16 – First day back to work. Getting caught up is difficult. Everyone is being really nice. Trying to stay relaxed and focused is hard.

Day 17 – Running around the neighborhood, I am very frustrated by the lack of sidewalks, or the fact that sidewalks disappear and reappear.

Day 18 – It takes me longer to prepare for an outdoor run than it does to actually run outdoors.

Day 19 – Went down a running path and it was scary. Glad to be alive.

Day 20 – Tired of the creepers, I run at the gym. I get a creeper at the gym instead.

Day 21 – Ran outside when I probably should’ve moved my run inside. Heated up from 81-88 degrees in the span of an hour. Why must 7-Eleven be so far away from the trail? I also found a dollar bill…my first time I’m paid to run!

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