Recent Read: Born To Run

I started this book today waiting for the Metro to take me home from my just-completed 13 mile point-to-point run from my apartment to the ocean. It came highly recommended by a client who also happens to be a triathlete. I'm about halfway through it so far and I'm impressed -- it's linear insomuch that … Continue reading Recent Read: Born To Run

The Victim vs. Survivor Mentality

Depending on how closely you stalk me on the interwebs, you have have gathered that I've been running a lot lately. I've been consistently running at least 5 days a week since the first week of February. In late March I ran my first 5K and this Sunday I will be running my first 10K. … Continue reading The Victim vs. Survivor Mentality

4 Steps For Positive Change: Saying, Seeing, Feeling, Believing

This morning I sat down to a meeting in downtown LA with one of my most interesting clients. As a spiritual psychologist, she helps people recognize and reconcile the emotional underpinnings that keep them from achieving their full potential. With my recent "completion" of my 21-day health challenge, the SXSWAngels campaign, and with my personal … Continue reading 4 Steps For Positive Change: Saying, Seeing, Feeling, Believing