Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

I had this great blog entry planned out, but then I decided I was too tired to write a post and edit it. Instead I decided to vlog and it took just as long…but at least it exercised a different part of my brain and I feel as though I’ve learned something new. Yay iMovie!

Here we go…

So, what are your thoughts? How will you strengthen your support network?

3 thoughts on “Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

  1. hey Amara. Great blog. Awesome wp-theme. The support network around you is huge. I have found in my own life in the last few years that one of most important steps to following your dreams is finding people that are strong enough to be honest with you but still respect your goals. As a music composer I spend a lot of time with other people that just don’t understand my life style. Over the summer I have became friends with a number of composers through social networking and facebook. The impact of having people around you that can actually relate to your struggles, success and challenges, is huge. Looking forward to more of your posts. Doing the postaday2011 myself and it has been a great experience in just these first two weeks.


    1. I custom-built and designed the theme, so thank you for your kind words. Indeed I have quite the support network. I have tried very hard not to take them for granted but unfortunately I sometimes do.

      A few years ago I was friends with a jazz composer as well. Unfortunately he did not have a very strong support network and it seemed as though he had to pursue his art alone in solitude. He was pretty much misunderstood by his family and it was hard for me to see him go through it. As much as I could I tried to ask him about his work and what he found so inspiring about it all.

      Not everyone in my support network can relate to the things I experience, but the fact that they take the time to listen means more to me than they know!


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