14 More Days Until Rock ‘n Roll LA Half!

I have exactly 14 more days left until the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in LA. And, with an intense product launch at work, I’m really going to have to be diligent about logging my miles either before, during, or after work hours.

It’s been a decent training week. I’m hoping to log some more miles tomorrow so we’ll see how I feel. I was really hoping to get into the double digits today but alas I was too hungry and also ran out of water. Sadface!

This week’s total weekly mileage: 21.75 miles, of which 9 of those miles were on my long run.

The sky was a bit ominous (at least for someone from LA) and there was a gentle yet consistent misting. I layered up with my windbreaker and a long sleeved tech shirt, running leggings, and my running-in-slippery-conditions shoes of which I broke in the day before at work. I packed only 12oz of water (a mistake when aiming for a double-digit run). I’m feeling a lot more tired than I usually do during my runs, which I’m attributing to the stressful deadlines and such at work. Hopefully after the storm passes I’ll be back to my usual self.

Aurora Bridge along the Burke Gilman Trail
View of Seattle from Gas Works Park
A Gaggle of Geese


My next 14 days will be challenging. I’ll really have to make the time to train.

Sun 10/14 – 11 miles (AM, and ambitious)
Mon 10/15 – 3 miles (AM)
Tue 10/16 – Off
Wed 10/17 6 miles (AM)
Thu 10/18 – Off
Fri 10/19 – 6 miles (AM)
Sat 10/20 – Shant in town
Sun 10/21 – Shant in town
Mon 10/22 – 6 mile run (PM, and rather ambitious)
Tue 10/23 – 3 mile run (AM)
Wed 10/24 – Off
Thu 10/25 – 3 mile run (AM)
Fri 10/26 – 6 mile run (AM), Fly to LA in the PM
Sat 10/27 – Fitness Expo and friend catch-up
Sun 10/28 – Half marathon in the AM

I can hear the rain coming down now so tomorrow will be…interesting. It may be my first real wet run. Eep!

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