New Trainer/Coach, New Race, and Week Recap

What a week! It’s been very productive.

On Tuesday, after a lot of internal debating, I hired a personal trainer to help me reach my goals. On Wednesday, he proceeded to metaphorically kick my ass in a very good way. On Thursday, I looked in to my goal race (Rev3 Portland) and it was cancelled!! I was totally bummed. Then, per usual, I began scheming of a way to get to some sort of triathlon race by that same time and came around to the HITS Marble Falls race in late April. And then I registered for the 140.6.

Wait, WHAT?!

Yep…I really did it this time. I really did register for the full/iron-distance race.

Once I finish my base training (which should wrap during the last week of January) I have my 140.6 13-week ramp-up plan that I’ve already dutifully purchased and loaded into my TrainingPeaks account. Let’s just say that it will keep me very busy. The weekly hour distribution is as follows: 8:45 -> 10:45 -> 12:00 -> 6:15 -> 9:30 -> 11:15 -> 12:30 -> 6:15 -> 10:00 -> 12:00 -> 13:15 -> 6:15 -> 2:15 + race day. Chances are I’ll probably extend my workouts like I do now (until my body tells me otherwise) because, well, training for a 140.6 is no joke! (A separate blog post on the approach I’m taking later.)

I’m terrified and completely intimidated by the distance. And that’s why I want to aim for it. I figure that if I really don’t feel like I’m ready by the time I land in Austin, I can easily switch out for the 70.3 or even the Olympic distance and it won’t be a problem. But man! 140.6! I’m still in a state of disbelief, but for some reason, I feel much more positive and adamant about my training, rest, and nutrition than ever. Time to kick everything into high gear, right? Training for a 140.6 may mean that I push a few of my road races off but I guess we’ll see. I think the Rock ‘n Roll San Francisco Half Marathon works out perfectly. I’ll have to see if I can still do Pasadena but I think that my training schedule around it may still be too hectic. The races afterwards — if I still want to race, that is — are still game.

My trusty Tommaso Imola…gone through 2 triathlons, and now maybe a 3rd!

I’m guessing it’s also time to get back on my bike again as much as I can. There’s some mods I’d like to make for it — get some nice pedals, some clip in shoes, figure out the handlebar height, etc. I’d like to make it feel a bit more comfortable than it is now. I guess that’ll be post-Christmas. 🙂 For now I’m going to do a ton of research on what improvements I can make on my bike, and read a LOT more than I’ve had on Ironman training. Ooooh boy. What have I gotten myself into now?

Recap of Week 4 of Base Training

Sunday, December 9: 1-hr cycle at the gym. Ran into an old co-worker…blast from the past!

Monday, December 10: 45-minute swim, 1:15 strength training session

Tuesday, December 11: 45-minute swim. Got some tips from my to-be personal trainer that helped me through the water: turning my shoulders into my stroke and also leveling my hips with the water. Felt so much smoother gliding in the pool.

Wednesday, December 12: 1:00 strength training with my new personal trainer. Started off with a quick 10-minute jog on the treadmill. Continued with 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 abduction, 20 adduction, 20 abduction, 20 adduction, 2 front planks, 2 side planks. Cooled down with a 30-minute cycle. I hope to be able to do this workout once a week and then to be able to plank once a day to build up my core muscles.

Thursday, December 13: 30-minute swim. I was feeling really tired. I couldn’t even add the run in so I pushed it off to the next day.

Friday, December 14: 30-minute run. My legs were still killing me from my Wednesday workout so I stuck to the elliptical. I kind of miss it but I don’t feel like I get as good of a workout from it.

Saturday, December 15: 55-minute torturous run on the treadmill. It was probably the non-ventilated corner I chose to run in but I felt like heat was closing in on me. I also bought an audiobook that I didn’t so much like so that added to the drudgery of it all. Topped it off with a quick 15-minute swim. The water was really cold that day and I was in a bit of a sour mood from my run on the treadmill so I packed up early and headed home for an evening of rest.

Sunday, December 16: Got up this morning for a 45-minute cycle on my bike trainer, which I enjoyed much more than I usually did. Followed it up with a 25-minute run so that I could recreate my jello legs. I was feeling more excited than jello-y and it was too bad that I didn’t have any water with me. I turned back after almost two miles even though I had plenty of energy to continue for another 6. Maybe next week!

Lessons learned:

1) You can never be too prepared for anything.
2) If you think you need coaching/training/help, you probably do.
3) Set a reach goal but a realistic backup, just in case.
4) Your first instinct is usually your best decision.
5) If you can ever stop thinking and outsource it to someone else, do it.
6) Don’t put up with a boring audiobook.
7) Read read read read read read read read read everything you can on your goal race.
8) Hills are meant to be loved, not hated. Marble Falls is full of ’em.

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